Online Coaching


In Person Coaching

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Online Coaching​

  • 12 Week Custom Training Program + 1 Hour Skype Talk: 115.00$

  • Skype Call (1 Hour): 50.00$

In Person Coaching

  • 12 Week Custom Program + 1 Hour Meet-Up For Program Breakdown: 115.00$ 

  • 12 Private Sessions (1 Hour Ea./3x Week - Monthly Pack): 545.00$


Gym Equipment

•700+ pounds of plates 
•Squat Rack
•Specialty Bars (Axles, Trap, Safety Squat, Swiss, EZ) 
•Dumbbells Adjustable (5lb - 150lb)
•Kettlebell Adjustable (5lb - 125lb)
•Floor GHR + Hamstring Curl Slider
•Landmine Station
•Sandbags (60lb - 300lb)
•Bands: (Light - Heavy tension)
•Grip Equipment (FatGripz, Rollers, Pinch Blocks, Specialty Handles, Captain of Crush)
•Pull-Up & Dip Bar W/Dip Belt & 5lb - 100lb Weighted Vest 
•2 Benches (1 Flat & 1 Adjustable Incline)
•Farmers Walk Handles 
•ATX Squat Ramp 
•Medicine Balls
•Supportive Gear (Belts, Wraps, Straps, Sleeves)
•Paralette Bars, Push-Up Handles, Ab Wheel & Other bodyweight tools 
& More!




Using Phil's program, I started seeing the results I had hoped for, but also that I would have never achieved without his guidance. Phil walked me through exactly what I needed to do, starting with the basics and never straying away from his fundamental principles. As a coach, his philosophy is convincing and backed by evidence. We did not take any shortcuts. Phil kept the whole process simple for me to understand and never underestimated my potential to produce a major change in my body. He has proven to be extremely knowledgeable, reliable and effective. Thanks to him, there isn't a doubt in my mind that every hour I spend in the gym brings me closer to my personal goals.

-Alex Renaud


Phil has been writing my programs for a bit under a year now and he has taught me a lot about lifting weights correctly. I didn't know much about technique before Phil took me under his wing and now I'm able to perform my lifts pain-free while progressing faster. I've built some muscle by going to the gym 3x per week, I've cut some fat and I'm still at a comfortable bodyweight where I feel strong and athletic.



I have been training with Phil on/off for a while due to a busy work schedule, but this was a 6 week transformation in 2018 from when I got back from my Mexico trip. I packed on a lot of weight from months of improper eating and lack of lifting, but Phil's training, inspiration and nutrition tips helped me put on some muscle, cut fat and become more conditioned with only 3 sessions per week. He showed me how to train at home as well so I could still work on myself with my tight schedule.



3 years ago I woke up one morning and decided to make a change. I weighed a very sad 140 lbs, was very skinny and did not look healthy at all. I was insecure and frustrated. With lots of hard work, the help Phil who steered me in the right direction I am now 175 lbs a lot stronger and healthier looking. Still a lot of work to do, but I am very happy with the progress I've made thus far.